Air Quality & Sport Challenge

The impact of poor air quality on athletes, spectators and the whole mountain community has become a growing concern for the sports industry. The issue is larger than any one sector – thus we are looking for solutions from any organisation around the globe (startup, company, academic, NGO, etc.). A prestigious panel with experts from the International Olympic Committee, World Athletics, Formula E, UCI, and other sport organisation, as well as scientists and professional athletes will evaluate the submitted projects.

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1—Measure and mitigate the effect of poor air quality on athletes

This includes solutions to ensure air quality information is available and useful for decision-making in real time for recreational & professional athletes. Wearable technologies, bio health solutions and other simple solutions are welcome.

2—Solutions that clean polluted air and/or reduce air pollution

This refers to indoor and outdoor sport venues of all sizes, with scalable and affordable solutions.

3—Rethink mobility

This applies to major sport events and mountain resorts (e.g. zero emission vehicles, smart traffic management, etc).


At the end of the application deadline (march 2022), 30 candidates were selected to enter the Challenge. These 30 candidates participated in our online network accelerator to learn about the specific needs of the sport sector and to eventually improve or adjust their solution. Unique connections and exchanges with major sport stakeholders guaranteed!

In April, the 10 best proposals were selected and invited to continue the training that will prepare them for the final pitch at THE SPOT.

Finally, the selected organisations exhibited with a booth at THE SPOT and are being displayed for one month at the Maison Internationale du Sport, home to many international sport federations in Lausanne.

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